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[TLOS] Equinox Daedalus:
Starting today, Sunday May 22, 2016 we are going to update some of our ratting policies that we enforce throughout providence
1. We are initializing a ratting carrier test from now till the end of june. What does this mean for you? Everyone is free to rat in a carrier if they like, however they like. I do advise you fit a proper fit and you have some common sense with this, but that is hoping for the best.

After this test period we will be reviewing our capital ratting policies providence wide on a continual basis.

2. Dreads, Supers, Titans will continue to be banned at current. If anyone is caught ratting in a capital that is NOT allowed (ie.dread) there is going to be an escalating fine due to the sov holder that you are ratting in.

1st offense 100 mil
2nd offense 200 mil
3rd offense 300 mil
4th offense 400 mil
5th offense 500 mil
6th offense  -pilot KOS

If you or your corp refuse to make any payment you will be set kos. Anyone who Catches anyone ratting in said ships and gets a screenshot will be given 50 mil reward as payment (out of the 100/200 etc) the remaining will go to the sov holder for pain and suffering in dealing with that person's disregard of the rules. (if enforced)

Thank you for your time and patience in reading this


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