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Lost your access to forums? Can't move on Mumble? See here!


[TLOS] xHjfx:

I'm going to update this with newer screenshots, so I can just send people directly here when they need help.

1. Click the Register link on the menubar of these forums (right above where you're reading this)

2. Enter a username and a valid email (will need to confirm this, so this has to be a real address)

3. Click the "Click here to create your key if required" link, and log into the eve account with the character you're using. This will take you to the API Key Management page.
- Enter a name for this API Key (I used "CVA Forums")
- Make sure to click the "No Expiry" box, or it will expire and no longer work, keeping you from accessing the forums.

4. Verify that the 4 items are selected as shown in this image, and click submit.

5. This will take you back to your API Key Management page.

6. Go back to the CVA Forum registration page, and copy and paste the Key ID: and Verification Code: fields.
Sometimes, browsers make this a pain in the ass, so after you've pasted, double check that they pasted correctly.
- Then click the Get Characters button. This should populate the dropdown with all characters on your account.
- Select the character you want to use. (This will be how people see you posting on the forums, and what your name will be on Mumble)
- If you can't read the verification text, click the "Listen to the Letters" link for audio.
- Click Register, and wait for the email to be sent and click the link in the email to confirm your account.
- Login to the forums.

That should be it!


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