Author Topic: KOS Clairifcation: Tribal Liberation Force  (Read 11770 times)

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KOS Clairifcation: Tribal Liberation Force
« on: October 17, 2012, 04:49:49 pm »
As a clarification for an incident from last night in North Provi Intel

The minmatar npc milita corporation, Tribal LIberation Force, is to be treated as a player corporation in the case of KOS questions.

This means that players in a non milia npc corporation whose previous corporation was TLF ARE considered KOS.  This ruling is based on the fact that joining TLF is a decision of the pilot.  That, coupled with the fact that all Minmatar milita members are considered KOS means that even in a non milita npc corporation, if the previous corporation was the TLF, you judge KOS status on that and not on the actual previous player corporation


Current Corporation [NPC Corp]
Previous Corporation [Minmatar Milita NPC Corp (Tribal Liberation Front)]  (This makes the individual KOS Until they join a new non kos player corporation)
Previous Previous Corporation [Neutral/Blue Player Corporation]

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