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« on: March 31, 2018, 10:07:01 pm »

some of you may or may not read this, but effective from today (saturday march 31) these alliances and corps are reset. I don't wish any of you ill will, you have just moved on, and will no longer have acess to providence mumble/forums or slack after today. Those who wish to stay and fight can ofc find new corps or make your current one active with us, but as such the majority of these resets are people who have moved on and are not joining any fleets with us or not in providence at this point (for the majority).

Anyways I hope you continue to find peace in eve in what you do.

From: Equinox Daedalus
Sent: 2018.03.31 21:03
To: Lasker Emanuel,  xHjfx, 

Capital Supplies  inactive
Elemental Tide
Einherjar Alliance
United Interests
True Reign
Tin Can Alliance inactive?
Amarr Templar Logistica inactive?
Deadspace Synergy inactive
Enlightened Industry deffo inactive
Grizzly Den deffo inactive
Hell Hammer Inc inactive
Hiigaran Protectorate
Mercado Mercator Partners and Associates inactive
Semah Holdings Inc inactive
Suicidal Mood Swings
TJ Corp
Chesterblade inactive
Galaxy Engineering insactive
Luna Oscura Clandestina Armada inactive
Mille Annum Vir inactive
Moon Miners inactive
MortuuS MachinA inactive
NOVA-CAINE inactive
Outer Colonies inactive
Private Development inactive
Quasar Generation inactive
Sandbox Junkies inactive
McDonalds Mining Megacorp inactive
Paragons Of Virtue
Serendipity Technologies Inc inactive
Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaeque
Southern Legion Alliance
Space Fukery
SunCore Enterprises inactive
Takahashi Alliance
Tyrannis Enterprises inactive