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Evian Nation is looking for more Corp
« on: November 18, 2017, 02:41:10 pm »
Evian Nation is an alliance for the active long term players. You want to build for your members and for the future.
Within our ranks you will help to make the alliance and your corporation a home for your fellow capsuleers.
You will be joining an NRDS alliance, this has its challenges and and you want to thrive with those challenges.
If this is something for your Corporation keep on reading.

Within Evian Nation you get accsess to Providence nullsec space, with alliance standings. Good ratting and mining opprtunities.
Exxellent PVP conditions if thats your preference, you dont have to look far for reds to shoot, its Provi ;)

We offer assistance in regards to organisation and reqruitment.
Your members will also have this at the tip of their fingers;
Cool Logo
Convenient Isk
Fun for Line Memebers
An Empire to build for CEO's and their leaders
Alliance Structures
Ship Replacement Program
Blueprint Program
Buyback Program
PVP and PVE fleet ops
Operations in Nullsec and Hisec space.
Active leadership.

So if you and your fellow pilots are looking for a new challenge and a place to grow please contact us ingame
Roberto Citysaga or Margrete Vrede