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Hail pod pilot Kickass50,

We are always looking for new Virtus Crusaders pure and righteous of heart. Join our VIC public channel.

Ad Majorem Virtus Gloriam,

Grand Master Gangleri
Public Notices / Re: CVA Recruitment : Gemini Talon
« Last post by [GEM-T] Chotar on January 30, 2017, 07:54:04 am »
Looking for more pilots. We have a small but active crowd of pilots and we are looking to expand.

I'M looking for a new corp to join are you looking for new members?
Public Notices / Re: OIDIS is recruiting
« Last post by [GEM-T] Punikki on January 21, 2017, 09:25:09 am »
Pick me please :) Ingame
Welcome to Sisters of Eve-Universe and Meridian Conclave; two new corps. :-*

There's plenty of room. YF is still accepting corp apps.
Public Notices / Re: WYNX Industries - recruiting for South Providence
« Last post by [WYNX] Lord ButcherC on January 03, 2017, 03:10:14 am »
Under a new Banner but still recruiting!

We also run an Alpha and newbie omega programme!

Virtus Crusade [VIC.] is calling every righteous soul to fight the waves of chaos and plunder, help building a New Eden where virtue thrives and defend our sov, especially now with the upcoming changes in Nullsec and sovereignty. You as a pod pilot and no empire decide the future of New Eden.

And can't have Yulai have two posts before first CVA corp.
The Yulai Federation - a Provi-bloc holder alliance - is taking applications from corporation seeking to make a difference in New Eden and the Providence region.

We have solid, tenured history and leadership in Providence and Eve, and recently celebrated our sixth anniversary.

The Yulai Federation (YF) was created on December 9th 2010, in the midst of Providence Coalition reclamation of their region from hostile occupation. Its ideology: universal NRDS.  YF was to be its pure embodiment: anti-piracy, defender of the innocent, Concord where its reach did not extend - an NRDS organization that works towards the betterment of the civilization of New Eden. YF recruitment is open to NRDS corporations (and pilots), be they of industrial, military or different nature. Our goal is  to create an ever expanding defense against piracy and NBSI aggression.

Yulai Federation

The NRDS policy means we will never engage entities of no threat who do not agress us or allies first. [Not Red Dont Shoot]. That policy, however, does not mean we don't have red enemies; there are many,  and our alliance aggressively guards territory we claim -- routes to the very active Dital, Assah and Kari pipeline entrances into Providence. Our capital is XHQ-7V, in the heart of two constellations,, where we claim seven systems, seven stations, dozens of outposts, and a jump-bridge system with links to the entrire Providence region. Our allies include all Providence holder alliances. Our +10 blue allies include CVA, -7-, APOC, G-F-A, C.F, AFK and IOU alliances. We have daily pvp and mining fleets in our systems. As part of a large coalition, Yulai actively participates in massive cap and sub-cap operations to defend Providence and punish our enemies throughout New Eden. YF also offers an SRP program for ship losses in combat.

This month, we traveled north with the Providence coalition and allies to take down an enemy Keepstar - video   // Killmail// It was blown to tiny bits in a fiery explosion - one of only four Keepstars to perish in Eve.

We defended our home systems against Triumvirate and LUMPY in this massive battle in JEIV-E - video a few months ago. Shortly after this battle (where enemies lost over 30 billion is assets), Triumvirate and their pets decided to leave Providence.

Our territory

Our killboards

Our forums

Our history

Join us. Make a difference. Be a part of Eve history. Apply in game or on our forums.


Executor/Alliance CEO: Rounon Dax

Join channel YF-DIPLO, where our MOTD also contains a list of contacts.
Public Notices / Re: Albatross is Recruiting
« Last post by [TAABE] Murkar Omaristos on December 23, 2016, 05:37:36 pm »
Bumpity bump. Also, sell Destron all your random crap, he'll buy anything.

Lol that bit is true >_>

P.s. There are no Sansha adverts here Vaari. Are you experiencing delusions again? You seem to have wandered in here looking for something that does not exist.
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